Aslan Ettehadieh, Esq. is a licensed attorney in good standing with the New Jersey Supreme Court, the D.C. bar and at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Ettehadieh is not licensed to practice law, nor authorized to render legal advice in any form, in the State of Virginia and in the State of Maryland. While Mr. Ettehadieh is permitted to rely upon his skill sets and legal training in all that he does, at all times herein relevant, Mr. Ettehadieh  will be acting solely in his capacity as licensed Real Estate Agent and not as an attorney. All correspondence, document transmission and/or communication(s) between Mr. Ettehadieh and real estate clients, and/or prospective real estate clients, is made solely in their Realtor capacity and is not, nor shall be deemed to be, in his capacity as an attorney. Any reliance upon any and all correspondence, document transmission(s) and/or communications from Mr. Ettehadieh's legal service(s) and or legal advice is mistaken, unwarranted and incorrect.  askASLAN Realty provides real estate services under the broker, Samson Properties.